Under the Skin

Little buying
spurt the sun
held high
streets pulse
beat warm insides
brought in fruit
bins and green shades
of time
pneumonia rupture
dreams masked
repetitions measure
mutations defining
this blank space

Everything Will Be Alright

Young toddler singing
Everything’s Gonna be Alright
in grocery store parking lot
Pink light, warm still, sun sets fast
I hear on radio when I get back in car
supposed to snow tomorrow
Singing fading as I enter store

Lost Little Grey Cells

trees blow
communicating pain
need bread
mark meetings
lost to bad
honks of smoke
too much time
wearing at the cells


Kyle Wright is an author and student currently residing in Ann Arbor, with work published in a few local zines and in so many stacks of old notebooks, and also forthcoming in Subterranean Blue Poetry and The New Grindhouse. He writes and creates across many disciplines, living with his partner, cat, and their ever-growing hoard of books.

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