You know that things are bad when

a smart phone tarot deck app makes clear
the course of a major life decision

a concrete floor looks like a boon or beacon,
beckons to rest the heavy limbs

fear is the tie that binds
fear is the tie that binds
and fear is the tie that binds you

the day is made of one more step one more step
(goddamn legs are tree trunks) one more step

when Barbara Cook & Glen Campbell are dead
and nothing lies gentle on your mind
and you are weeping when you never even knew them



Janette Schafer is a playwright, poet, and opera singer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  She is a 2017 awardee of the Maenad Fellowship in writing through Chatham University and a 2015 awardee of the Arts MODE Fellowship through New Sun Rising LLC for playwriting and experimental theater. Recent and upcoming publications appear in Calamus Journal; Zany Zygote Review; Eyedrum Periodically; Nasty Women & Bad Hombres; The Woman, Inc.; B. E. Literary Journal; Big Lit International Writing Festival; Chatham University broadsides.

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