Call ups

Not a bad idea
to put up on my own grave
a telephone booth
for long distance call
with a wire
running down
into the ground
like a lightning rod…

In response
I would enable
an answering machine:
who is calling
I can’t respond at the moment
just say
how are you

and make the music in your car low
it drowns a thunderclap

…no echo around
merely weed shoots up faintly
please no coin thrown in
it makes me to wake up



Valery Petrovskiy is an acclaimed author from the Chuvashia region of Russia. His prose has appeared in journals from around the world, and he is a Pushcart Prize nominee. As for poetry, he has his poems published in Blue Lyra Review, Fine Flu Journal, The Missing Slate, Poetry Pacific, and BRICKrhetoric.

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